Mario Marcarini and his "Venetian novels"

Marcarini and Fornasetti to be venetian storytellers


Created by Silete Venti! · Book

While everybody is waiting for the third chapter of the Sony project Vivaldi e l’Angelo d’avorio by Silete Venti! (foreseen event, the end of November) has been presented on November the 10th, chez “Il Circolo della Stampa” of Milan, Mario Marcarini’s book of novels “Vivaldi e l’Angelo d’avorio”. Sitting beside him there was Nicola Cattò, director of the prestigious Musica review. The press conference has been attended by many prestigious and famous journalists that have already helped Silete Venti! so much with their words during the Vivaldi and Angelo d’avorio Tour. In Marcarini book there are some novels that have filled our souls and hearts so much for our trip in Venice. The book is also embellished by Barbaba Fornasetti drawings. (Staff)

Date 2015