The Don Giovanni of Simone Toni now dazzles in CDs and DVDs

Angelo Foletto; Repubblica


Created by Silete Venti! · Review

"Surely, this record will provoke controversies, but it is already a chapter in history of contemporary Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Starting form today it won’t be forgettable listening to Don Giovanni without considering this one: you could love it, despise it, deny it or copy it, yet being strongly astonished. The frantic short circuits created by Simone Toni and his “Silete Venti!” ensemble (...) put the listener at the very centre of the stage. (..) Those who believe that Don Giovanni tells the last living day of a man who preempts from the very first note and and even more, since he seems desperately running towards them, pushed by some littelally breath-taking music, will find himself totally into this work."


Source Repubblica · Date Mar 26, 2018