The twentieth century and the ancient with Maestro Caldi and I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra


Created by Massimiliano Caldi · Review

(…) In Botticelli Triptych, however, the symphonic sumptuousness of the Roman Trilogy is maintained in a certain sense, but brought back to the proportions of a little orchestra, without however renouncing the refined timbric mixes, the presence of harp, piano, celesta organ and bells, to the brilliance of an orchestration that is both evocative and descriptive: Massimiliano Caldi, at the head of I Pomeriggi Musicali Orchestra, has shown an excellent balance, an admirable ability to bring out the orchestral preciousness without excessive blemishes and, in the last panel, has been able to create very well that sort of pantheistic evocation which is the sonorous pendant of the Birth of Venus.

Before the Respighi's page, another short page of "evocation" of an earlier style, namely the Three pieces in the old style (1963) by Henryk Gorécki.

(…) Massimiliano Caldi, which has a very long tradition with Polish music, has sought and obtained not a hypothetical sound density but, rather, a detail of the lines, succeeding in the best way.


Source · Date May 3, 2018