Don Giovanni press conference

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Date 2018

On february 2018 the 6th, Simone Toni, Barnbaba Fornasetti and Marcello Fulvio Zendrini has met the public chez the famous Feltrinelli bookstore in Milan, to introduce the brand new Warner Bros production: Don Giovanni. A great emotion and great reactions between the public for this real fantastic event. The event has been shooted by the director Giorgio Magarò. Interviews by Paolo Bertazzoni

Telemann - Brockes Passion

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Source L'Avvenire · Date Mar 11, 2016

A great honour for Silete Venti! orchestra, an entire page of the Avvenire, in which Simone Toni and Quirino Principe talk about the Brockes Passion by Telemann! Simone Toni and Silete Venti! orchestra are yet at work for this great event.
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Looking for Venice Soul

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Date Oct 28, 2014

On october 30th, the musical heart of Venice starts beating again.
The San Lazzaro dei Mendicanti church, by The SS. Giovanni and Paolo Hospital is a rare acoustic baroque jewel built for music, and it's coming back to life after two Centuries of silence, thanks to the sounds by which it had been...